3 good things we do.


Big Company Good


What happens when 1,600 employees do good across 28 states all on the same day? Well...let's just say life changing moments happen. Every February we give back to teachers who pay close to $500 a year out of their own pockets to purchase school supplies for their classrooms. For every teacher we give back to we are reaching on an average 30 students. Not only that, we believe teachers are overlooked many times and their sacrifice should be recognized more. We want our teachers to know they matter!


Every August we also give tens of thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies to students before the new year of school begins. This give back meets a tremendous need for parents that spend hundreds of dollars on supplies every year for their child. It also brings higher self-esteem and confidence for a child walking into a new school year.



$500 Store/Department Good

This could be one of the coolest ways of giving back that we do every year. Each of our stores and departments within the company are given $500 to give to a local organization they choose to volunteer with. They have the option of choosing their desired outreach in their community and we support their effort.


Stores and departments have done holiday outreaches, food donations, given winter clothing, care baskets for new moms, military care packs and so much more. If our stores can dream it up, we support it. Every year the movement of what stores have done continues to push the limits of company good and brings the culture of good to a local community level. Employees can go to work everyday knowing that they work for a company that not only shares their values, it supports them.



2 Days Off Employee Good

After 60 days of employement each of our employees receive 2 days off per year to volunteer. With 85% of our employees being 35 years and younger, giving them days off to do something that matters with their lives is key to providing a feeling of fulfillment in their work. Not only are employees given 2 days off to volunteer, they are paid for those days as if they were working. This is another way that our company supports each of our employees in their passion to help in their community.


As employees spend their day volunteering, they are encouraged to take pics and upload to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #cultureofgood. As pics are uploaded, it encourages other employees to use their days off to volunteer as well. These moments shared between employees fuels the movement that continues to grow every year.