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Companies spend billions trying to boost employee engagement: that elusive, idealized condition in which workers are “in the zone,” to borrow a phrase from sports. When people are engaged, they are committed, interested, active, productive—in short, they care.

As an executive coach and a business educator, I have spent years grappling with why this idea is so hard to instill in some people. To put it simply: how do you get people to care? In Build a Culture of Good, Scott and Ryan show how a philanthropic mission that is deeply connected to every facet of the organization is good for customers, employees, and the community. I find this approach compelling for many reasons—not least because it offers a new perspective on how to motivate and engage employees.

Enjoy the first two chapters of Build a Culture of Good

Excerpt from Marshall Goldsmith

Executive coach, business educator, and New York Times bestselling author,
ranked no. 1 leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50

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