3 Reasons a Culture of Good Matters

You can’t afford to overlook a Culture of Good. Here’s three reasons why it matters in your business or organization.

1. Consumers don’t shop like they did in the past.
Customers are looking for more than a product or service – they want an experience, and want to know their impact.

How are you asking your customers to participate in your culture?

2. Millennials now make up the largest generation in today’s workforce.
Today’s employee isn’t married to their employer with the goal of a gold watch at retirement. They aren’t even looking at being engaged, as many of us have been focused on in the last 20 years. Today’s employee wants to date with no serious commitment.

When’s the last time you asked your employees, “Why are you coming to work every day?”

3. Culture is the business differentiator of the future.
With the rise of online shopping and the projected move from brick and mortar shopping experiences, it is essential that your business’s claim as to why you exist resonates with potential customers and employees.

What is the most compelling reason your employees want to work for you?

What is the most compelling reason your customers want to do business with you?

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