4 Reasons Your For-Profit Company Should Start Having A Soul

Most people looking to make the world a better place search for employment at a non-profit organization. The reason is simple: Non-profits exist for a higher purpose or cause that drives all they do. For-profits on the other hand generally exist for profits for profit’s sake. This leads to profit being looked at as evil and only non-profit organizations as truly being “good”.

One of the issues that arise for non-profits is they begin with a solid vision for a cause that gives them purpose, but many times lack the business savvy to run a successful enterprise. The issue for many for-profit companies is that they begin with the business savvy, but many times lack the solid vision for a cause that gives them purpose.

At Culture of Good we teach for-profit companies how to operate their business with the soul of a non-profit.

Imagine what a world of difference it would make for employers, employees, and customers when successful for-profit companies begin having a soul (heart) to care about the world! We need to begin by ridding our minds of the notion that for-profit and non-profit business worlds are at odds. For-profit businesses aren’t unethical and greedy, and nonprofits aren’t the only ones capable of delivering good in the world. Both can and should do good.

Here are 4 reasons that for-profit companies should have a soul…

1. Little innovations within your business can lead to bigger implications and rewards in the real world.

2. By giving back, your business’ little ideas can lead to powerful innovations, and your business will be rewarded by a sense of satisfaction and getting noticed for the right reasons.

3. Giving to charity and volunteering time is a low-risk, high-reward innovation any company in any industry can adopt at any time.

4. Corporate giving has modestly increased in recent years as businesses catch on to the trend that giving should be at the center of modern business. Corporate charitable donations in 2016 increased to $18.55 billion — a 3.5 percent increase from 2015, according to a Giving USA report.

When your employees and customers rally to a common cause, good things – even great things – result within your business and the wider world. Maybe one day people will begin looking to work for for-profit companies so they can have the opportunity to make the world a better place!

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