NOTE** This is a Writing Exercise 

While your company’s mission statement focuses on what it is doing now, your leadership vision is what you want to create for the future.

It’s important to engage your employees, so that they understand and align with your hopes and dreams. Your leadership vision becomes a reality when it’s reflected in beliefs, actions, and goals at each level of your organization.

Use the following writing exercise to start developing a compelling and inspiring leadership vision. Dream big so you’ll achieve more!


  1. What is the relationship between my personal vision and my corporate vision? (Example: I value integrity and generosity. It’s important for me to live by my principles and help others in both my personal and professional life.)





  1. Why is imagination important? (Example: Regardless of where my company is today, I can develop its potential. Aiming high excites me.)





  1. How can I encourage my employees to participate in my leadership vision? (Example: My employees will be more enthusiastic if I involve them in the vision process from the start. I will also communicate openly with them.)







  1. If I could set one record in my industry, what would it be? (Example: I want to be known for having a positive impact on customer’s lives.)






  1. What are some of the resources I will need to achieve my leadership vision? (Example: I need employees who understand the vision and apply it to their jobs. I also need financing to implement and sustain my ideas.)






  1. What are the major obstacles I will likely to encounter as I pursue my leadership vision in daily life? (Example: Changes occur rapidly in my industry so I will need to be prepared to adapt my vision to keep up. I also face intense competition for qualified workers, so I need to create a talent pipeline.)






  1. Describe a visionary leader who had an impact on your life. What can you learn from them? (Example: I had a high school science teacher who believed in holding students to high expectations. She motivated me to work harder, and I wound up enjoying learning more. I want to have that kind of positive influence on others.)


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