Building Your Company Culture Takes One Thing…And It’s Not What Most Leaders Think.

The more work I do with business leaders to help build the culture they hope to lead the more I am struck with the reality that culture building takes one thing…common sense.

It’s not that common sense isn’t common in culture building, it’s that we as leaders are notorious for complicating even the simplest endeavors. The greatest challenge you will encounter in building the culture you want to lead is in getting past yourself and your feeling that all good work is really hard. The fact is, culture building won’t be one of the easiest things you do in business, but it doesn’t have to feel like an arduous chore. Culture building happens when all are working together aligned in common sense ways.

Here’s some questions that can help jumpstart a common-sense approach to building the culture you want to lead:

Start by answering the following question in one sentence and do so as if you are talking to an 8-year-old: What do we do in business and do so better than anyone else? Now share that with an 8-year-old and see if it makes sense to them. If not, throw your description away and try again…and again…and again. Keep trying until you have the simplest way of saying what you do.

Once you can describe the essence of your business you are one step closer to building the culture you want to lead. Now bring your employees and customers into the descriptions. Who are your employees and customers? What are they passionate about? What makes them tick? (You don’t have to describe them to an 8-year-old this time so you’re off the hook!)

At Culture of good we teach that the sweet spot that builds culture is the spot where your employees, customers, and a cause come together. Once you know who your employees and customers are and what they are most passionate about you can align that with a good cause that fits your company’s core competency. If all of that seems complicated then I would encourage you to reach out to us, because it’s not. The hardest part is making sure you approach it all with common sense that simplifies the process:

  • Know your business essence.
  • Know your employees.
  • Know your customers.
  • Find a cause that aligns all three.

Go to and reach out to us for more information on workshops, keynotes, and webinars that can help simplify your work of building the culture you want to lead. You’ll be surprised how simple culture building is when you have a system that provides a common-sense process.

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