Your Business Culture – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

“Employees thrive where they are celebrated, not where they are tolerated.”

What does it mean to celebrate employees? How do we know if we are doing it well? Most companies strive to win over their employees’ hearts through reward and recognition programs, but those can easily fall short. When there isn’t an overall culture of leadership that celebrates employees as a norm these programs will inevitably be met with skepticism. Adding a program when there isn’t a culture to back it up can seem inauthentic and disingenuous, leading to wasted efforts and resources.

So how can companies celebrate their employees in ways that capture their hearts? At Culture of Good we describe this as soul engagement because it honors what each employee cares about and values their most authentic self. Rather than giving trinkets and toys for good work, we teach that meaningful work that connects what an employee does with a greater why can speak to purpose and a cause that truly matters. Here are a few ideas that work to show love to employees, who make all the difference to your company’s success:

1. Give employees autonomy to choose a cause that they have a passion to impact, and support them with time and resources.

2. Fight like hell to keep those employees that contribute to driving the business toward greater success.

3. Take time for face to face conversations that engage employees on a personal and professional level.

4. Be intentional about providing opportunities for growth and development for employees, especially those that see a future with your company.

Although these are just a few ideas, they will be the cornerstone to building a company culture that shows uncommon love to employees in ways they can feel. It may be time for you to review your current employee engagement program and engage each person on a soul level because love has everything to do with your business culture.

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