10 BS Facts About Company Culture That Everyone Thinks Are True

10 BS Facts About Company Culture That Everyone Thinks Are True 4

On my recent LinkedIn post about BS facts that many people believe about company culture, the following contributors offered their findings. I want to thank them for their insights as leaders who have encountered this BS in their professional careers and provide their expertise to my readers. So here you go…  #1 Anyone at any level … Read more

Debunking The Employee Engagement Myth

Let’s start by defining what the employee engagement myth is: Our employee engagement is healthy when employee satisfaction results derived from an annual survey are elevated. The truth is that survey results only offer a rudimentary pulse on employee engagement. Surveys lack key indicators of engagement that are often overlooked. The first question that comes … Read more

Leaders…Are You Building Culture by Choice or Chance?

As you read this blog you are building your company culture either by choice or chance. If you’re building it by chance it means your business is facing many risks including: Low employee engagement leading to lower performance. Missed business differentiators leading to lost revenues to competitors. Wasted customer connections leading to a decline in … Read more