Having a cool company culture isn’t enough.

Trade in your ping pong tables and craft brew Fridays for something even more cool…giving a shit about the world. In 2015 Millennials surpassed Gen X to become the largest generation in the American workforce and companies are asking, “How do we attract great talent to work for us?” At Culture of Good we have no issues with that question, but challenge you to ask a more profound and crucial question.

“Once we attract great talent to our companies, how do we keep them?”

Ping pong tables aren’t sticky…well most aren’t. What makes your company sticky comes down to 2 things. Knowing why you are in business (your values) and hiring talent that shares the same values. This allows for a greater conversation when recruiting, onboarding, training, and keeping the best of the best.

Let’s come to terms with the fact that most companies aren’t cool and quite frankly don’t have the budget to stay cool. Staying relevant means looking for ways to engage each employee pre hire date to when they choose another path (and they will no matter what you do) with a greater mission. A cause that gives them permission to bring their soul to work.

When is the last time you asked your employees, “Why are you coming to work every day?”

If their answer comes down to a paycheck or because it’s a fun environment to work because they can wear jeans then you’ve only scratched the surface of what it will take to not only survive the next 20 years in business, but also thrive to new levels of competitive advantage. If they answer, “Because I know I can make a difference with my life while at work” then you’re on to something that most companies don’t have a clue about.

It’s not about a CSR program or a feel good moment that doesn’t last, it’s about building a Culture of Good that transforms each workplace into a place of good work. Meaningful work. Work that makes your place of business more sticky than a ping pong table in a…well we’ll leave that thought to your imagination.

Deep thought: “What part of my current marketing spend could I allocate to build a Culture of Good that creates a symbiotic relationship between my employees, customers, and the cause I care most about?”

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  1. Culture is dependent upon the leaders/supervisors at every level demonstrating great skill, emotional intelligence, and humanity at all times.

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