Culture of Good in a Box

A digital solution that helps businesses become more efficient and employees become more effective without taking up any more resources or implementing complicated technology. We do all this by helping enhance company culture, increase recruiting efficiency, and reducing employee turnover. 


Build your culture. Drive your business.

A strong company culture gives employees a greater sense of belonging and reinforces their purpose in the organization.

When your employees can leave work each day feeling fulfilled and like they really made a difference, they’re more likely to stay. When retention rates are high, your business is able to run most efficiently. When your employees and customers are afforded opportunities to give back, it positively impacts your workplace and the world.

Need Leadership Buy-in? Read this article about the 7 Steps to getting leadership buy-in. 

Simple digital playbook.

We recognized that many organizations have dedicated individuals or teams leading culture for their stakeholders. We also discovered that most of those leaders are already doing good work building a culture that the business can be proud of. We built the Culture of Good in a Box digital solution not to overhaul your culture, but rather to enhance the work you are already doing. This Box is a DIY, step-by-step digital solution structured to support the efforts of the person tasked within an organization with leading areas of employee engagement, social responsibility, and culture change.

What’s the outcome?

Once you’ve completed the program, your culture will be embedded in the DNA of your company’s core. You’ll be able to maintain the culture you’ve built up, teach it to new employees, and stay organized with these resources. Here is what you can expect:

  • 70% of employees gained new customers as a result of the Culture of Good efforts.
  • 93% of employees stated that the Culture of Good gave them a sense of fulfillment in their everyday work.
  • 44% of employees stated that COG was a contributing factor in choosing to work for their company.
  • 82% of employees stated that COG was a contributing factor in choosing to continue their employment

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