Discover How to Make the Perfect Hire, With These Tips

For almost all companies, employees are their greatest assets, because it’s employees that will drive productivity and profits, and its employees that will ultimately fuel success. On the other hand, hiring the wrong type of employees will generally result in a huge waste of resources, as well as acquiring an overall liability for the company. Here are some tips you should consider when your company is in hiring mode, so you’ll have a better chance of finding the right people.

Attract the right talent

In order to get the right talent to apply for positions in your company, you will need to understand what it is that offers the most value to them. Experts agree that the three factors prized most highly by top talent include opportunities for advancement, exceptional leadership, and companies that make a positive influence on the world. When you’re seeking top talent, make sure to emphasize how your company fulfills these values, and then you’ll have to deliver on any promises stated in your hiring channels.

Start with a wide pool

You will have a much better chance of finding some high quality candidates if you start with a large pool of talent before going through the narrowing down process. Most HR personnel recommend having at least 100 resumes to review at the outset. From this pool, approximately one quarter of the candidates should be chosen for a telephone interview, and nine or 10 of the most promising telephone interviews should be invited in for a face-to-face talk. Once you have conducted these in-person interviews, you should have at least three really good prospects whom you can consider finalists.

Narrow your results with a scorecard

One of the most effective ways of narrowing down your field of candidates is to use a scorecard because this is a very logical and quantitative approach to the process. Each candidate should be rated on a series of factors that will have the most value to your company. Some of these should include performance results, job knowledge, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity skills, and interpersonal skills. The focus of your interviews should be on trying to discover how strongly each candidate rates in these different areas, and assigning a numeric value to each of the factors.

Be prepared to negotiate

When you’ve settled on one candidate as a finalist and you’re prepared to offer that person a position, the last thing you want is to have your ideal candidate turn down the offer. To avoid this, you should be prepared to negotiate and to ask your candidate about their compensation expectations. You should also attempt to find out whether they have other offers pending, and how your offer compares to those others. Of course, you’ll also have to determine whether their compensation requirements are in line with industry standards, and with what your company is prepared to offer. Be open and honest in communicating your company’s expectations and willingness to negotiate. Make sure to be open to any concerns or issues your candidate might have, so you don’t lose a good person for some unknown reason.

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