Find Your Calling By Bringing Your Soul to Work Every Day

Whether you are a business owner or a front line employee I can guarantee you’ve said at least once to yourself, “Is what I’m doing with my life what I’m supposed to be doing, and if not what is?” We all question, or should, if we are simply working to exist or truly living in the fullness of our purpose. It’s called “calling”.

If you were able to live in your calling then you could wake up every day with purpose and go to sleep every night feeling fulfilled.

Here’s the issue…who has time for calling when you are caught up working a job with hopes to turn it one day into a career? The idea of working every day and doing what you love at the same time seems like a far reach. The reason our everyday job gets in the way of calling is simple…bills. So we retreat to a safe place where we go through life wishing we could feel passion for what we do. It’s time to stop wishing.

So I could end this blog here and make you feel like shit or I could offer a suggestion. Since this is the Culture of Good and not the Culture of OK I’ll offer the latter. So here it goes…one way to discover your calling at your job and start living with passion.

Find needs you can meet at work and start meeting them!

BAM! You don’t have to work for a non-profit or global charity to live in the fullness of your purpose. If anything, many times the for-profit arena tends to offer greater opportunities to meet needs because it generally flies under most people’s radars. People surround us every day. People have needs.

The moment you start being open to see yourself in a place where you can begin meeting those needs is the moment you inch closer to your calling. Sometimes it’s taking the time to listen. Sometimes its mobilizing a group of co-workers to collect goods for a customer who has faced some tragedy. Either way, begin meeting needs now.

Stop seeing your job as only a means to meet your needs and begin seeing it as a means to meet other’s needs also!

Once you begin seeing yourself as a servant of others and not as only an employee then you can begin bringing your soul to work with you. The more you meet the needs of those around you the greater your contribution in life will be. Calling comes from contribution. Here’s how I like to think about it…

I find my calling when my greatest passion collides with my greatest contribution to make the world better.

It’s time for you to create that collision and when you do then you’ll find your calling and live in passion no matter where you work or what you do.

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