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A strong company culture gives employees a greater sense of belonging and reinforces their purpose in the organization. This is why we created the “Find Your Cause” Workshop. 

How many leaders in your company know what you do? Can they explain it to an eight year old? 

When retention rates are high, your business is able to run most efficiently. When your employees and customers are afforded opportunities to give back, it positively impacts your workplace and the world.

Ryan McCarty Find Your Cause Workshop

What is the Find Your Cause Workshop?

In the Culture of Good, we talk about putting the soul of a non-profit within a for-profit business. This session will be run as a structured consulting event to help a leadership team identify their organization’s Cause and connect it to their core business behaviors.  

In this session, participants search for what their company’s non-profit soul would look like. Then, they will explore potential “Really Big” Good that a well funded non-profit could do. This activity is designed to help them dream big. 

What’s the outcome?

By the end of the workshop, participants will have clarity around the following questions:

  • Which Cause will most effectively engage employees and customers?
  • How will they link this Cause authentically to the business?
  • How will they use the messaging to help employees and customers understand the efforts?
  • How will they create buy-in?
  • How will their Cause become part of their initiatives?

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