Grow Your Business By Building a Culture of Good

Profit is not evil.

I’ll say it again…profit is not evil.

Companies focused on financial growth are deemed evil many times by those who believe a company should only be focused on making the world a better place. Employees judge employers for making decisions that seem to only impact the bottom line of their business.

At Culture of Good we work to make the case that a company’s profit and their value to make the world better can and should be a symbiotic relationship. The moment you realize that profit is a means for more good to happen a light bulb goes off. We have to recognize that a failing business is no good when it comes to making the world better because if you don’t have profit then their isn’t anything to share. It’s impossible for a sinking ship to save any lives.

Say this with me…

“Growth is good because giving is good and the greater growth my company experiences the greater it can give.”

Giving grows business and a growing business can give more.

To be a company that does good and does good business concurrently you must choose to build a Culture of Good. You can do this by giving in three ways…

  1. Giving resource to your cause.

Your company’s cause is what your company cares most about that can make the world better. Never allow your current lack of resource to convince you that building a Culture of Good in your company is beyond your reach. If you can use 10% of your current marketing spend and earmark that to impact your cause then you’re closer to growing your business with the Culture of Good. Every company also has redundancy and waste of spending that if identified can help provide the resource to give toward your cause.

  1. Giving your employees permission to care.

Our Co-founder Scott Moorehead says, “When you give your employees permission to care you can change the world.” With Millennials now making up the largest generation in the workplace, Scott’s idea is crucial. Employees want two things most of all…good compensation for their work, and to know their work has meaning. When you consistently give your employees the permission to care, you lead them in a way that builds their passion. When you build their passion they will help you build your business.

  1. Giving your customers the opportunity to join your cause efforts.

Some surveys show that 55-60% of customers buy certain brands because they support a certain cause.  The Culture of Good drives that percentage to the next level. Rather than sharing what you support as a brand, why not ask your customers to join you in your cause efforts? Stop saying to your customers, “This is the good we do” and start saying, “This is the good we can do together!” When was the last time you invited your customer to contribute their time, talent, and treasure to your cause? When you do you will be building a Culture of Good and by giving you will be building your business. As your business grows the good you do in the world can and should grow as well.

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