How To Become Extraordinary? Stop Trying To Be Extraordinary.

In full disclosure I am a pretty driven person. If you’re anything like me, your past professional accomplishments only serve to enlarge your enthusiasm for even greater future success. Here’s the good, bad, and ugly about that for me…

The good: I’m the sort of person who feeds off of public recognition. (So, if you appreciate this blog make sure you post about it!)

The bad: The seasons I am recognized less leave me in a place of not feeling sure of myself.

The ugly: I can feel completely lost when I’m not offered any constructive feedback of any sort, positive or negative.

This may read more like a reflection in my journal than a business blog, but I can only share from my own experience as this is what life has been teaching me as of late. If you happen to be driven in the same way that I am, you may be feeling less than extraordinary compared to others you see post the best videos or wisest quotes on LinkedIn.

Here are a few thoughts/actions that may help us both…


Let’s choose to appreciate others’ success without seeing our own contribution as less.

Most of what we’re consuming online is geared toward looking and sounding extraordinary. We won’t always feel like our life and/or work compares to others yet being sure of ourself means knowing that what we do matters even if doesn’t seem as impressive.

Get practical by taking a hiatus from social media for a few days.


Let’s remind ourselves how our contribution is making a difference.

Each of us wake up every day either consciously or subconsciously wanting to matter. A large part of our life’s work should be settling with our own soul that what we do aligns with why we do it. At the end of the day remembering why we do what we do takes effort, but the payoff is enormous.

Get practical by writing your top 5 “whys” on post-it notes and place them where you’ll be reminded through the day.


Let’s appreciate the small things.

Not one person who accomplished any great feat ever attributed their eventual success to having experienced constant, massive triumphs. We should never judge someone’s glory until we first hear their story. Connecting with someone else’s story of struggle, conflict, and failure helps to bring us back to reality when we don’t feel as accomplished as we think we should be. It’s the little, seemingly ordinary strides we make every day that lead us to realize what we hope to gain.

Get practical by reading an inspiring autobiography.


It’s ok to set a high bar, but I am finding myself in a place where my drive to be great needs to be steadied with an understanding that I am more than my accomplishments. I’d encourage you, as I am, to appreciate other’s success while reminding yourself that what you do and who you are matters now. Let’s take time today to appreciate the small stuff that can easily be overlooked and embrace the idea that to be extraordinary all we need is to be ordinary with a little extra every day.

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