Is Not Wanting to Brag Hurting Your Business?

Chew on this idea for a moment: When your company does some good for the world you should make sure everyone knows you did it.

Now tell me what immediately comes to your mind in thought response:

“That feels too much like bragging.”
“We don’t need anyone to know when we give back or do good.”
“That’s not why we do good in the first place.”
“I was raised not to share the good I do because that’s pride.”
“I just get satisfaction knowing someone was helped.”
“That just feels icky.”

To all of those thoughts I would say this, “We should never do good to be seen, but we should always be seen doing good.”

Why? Because when we are seen doing good it isn’t bragging…it’s inspiring!

If we can reframe our idea around why we share our good, we can inspire others to do good with us. Our good multiplies when others are inspired to do the same. I also think that those that are infected with goodness should sneeze on everyone around them because…

  • Goodness is contagious.

If you’re anything like me, we’ve had enough of the news cycle focused on the negative, the hurtful, and the divisive. We want the good happening in the world to gain a louder voice.

  • Give voice to your goodness.

Give voice to your goodness on social media, share your good efforts on your “About Us” page on your site (Or even “Home” page!), encourage your employees to tell the story to your customers, and make sure your company values lead all stakeholders to grow and share your good. Don’t just give a big check as a photo-op either! Everyone in the company should be engaged in giving, not just the owner.

Here’s the risk…If we don’t share the good we do we are like one domino falling by itself without further impact.

  • Our goodness can have a lasting impact.

Ultimately, we are building our legacy individually and as an organization. So, stay authentic. Do good for the right reasons. And share the good you do so that other companies can be inspired to do the same. If we all do more good and inspire others to as well we can build a legacy for the next generation that business done well is business that does good for all.

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