We Know Why Employees Quit, But Why Do They Stay?

Keeping the right people has just as much to do with knowing why they stay as it does why they leave. We know one of the biggest reasons given for leaving a job to look for other positions is bad leadership. So why not focus on build a culture of good leadership? If effective leadership is the key to retention, why are so many companies more focused on side projects like reward and recognition programs as happiness generators when the real issue is related to leadership?

If you want the best people to work for you then you have to be the best people to work for. Although no company is exempt from employee turnover, your company doesn’t have to continue having massive attrition issues. So what’s the secret to getting the right people to stay?

Make culture a part of your yearly strategy.

What word or phrase would you use to describe the future of your organization? Having a great work environment and company culture is listed in the top ten reasons why employees stay with an organization, according to a survey done by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans in their book Love ’em or Lose ’em. For example, largest Verizon Authorized Retailer, The Cellular Connection (TCC), discovered that while only 44 percent of their employees initially chose to work for the company because of their Culture of Good, more than 82 percent say it is a contributing factor in staying.

Involve people in how your organization operates.

How do you involve your people in how your organization operates? Culture strategy is about giving people the chance to rethink what they do by challenging them to identify why they do it. Instead of employees working, they are serving, which gives them a sense of purpose. Your culture should be just as much a gift to employees as it is a benefit to an organizational cause or customers. Imagine the impact of customers connecting to your employees on a personal level and what that relationship building means to their tenure in your company.

Give people a sense of calling.

Are there people in your company that just don’t fit your culture? If so, why are you afraid to let them go? And for those people that you want to stay, how are you appealing to their sense or feeling of calling? Each person not only wants and deserves to know their impact, they want to know that their impact matters. Our need for significance has to be met with more than titles, position, or even verbal recognition. True significance comes from a feeling of fulfillment from having not only done a good job, but having done a job that is good. Keeping employees is not easy, and keeping the right employees is even harder, but creating an opportunity for employees to pursue a calling through their work is something special.

Every company wants to keep the right people. When company leaders build a culture strategy that values each employee’s contribution and gives them a sense of calling in their work, keeping the right people is possible. Taking time to discuss your culture strategy with those colleagues who lead with you may be one of the most critical meetings you have this year.

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