Leaders…Are You Building Culture by Choice or Chance?

As you read this blog you are building your company culture either by choice or chance. If you’re building it by chance it means your business is facing many risks including:

  • Low employee engagement leading to lower performance.
  • Missed business differentiators leading to lost revenues to competitors.
  • Wasted customer connections leading to a decline in new consumer acquisition.
  • Lost commitment toward values leading to losing what makes your business special.

The list can go on and on. The primary way to build a culture that’s good for all shareholders is to do so by choice. If culture is a factor to employee and customer engagement, a business differentiator, and a values driver that preserves what makes your business special shouldn’t it also be a major focus of our intentional leadership?

Here’s the sad truth…a couple times a month I have a business executive tell me that they will get back to focusing on culture work when things slow down enough for them to have time to focus on it. I’m also told that there just isn’t anything allotted in their budget toward culture change and to get back to them in a few months. These statements may be indicators to a larger issue organizations are facing¬ – Many leaders simply don’t believe culture matters all that much. If they did wouldn’t there be a greater, more defined involvement of work and investment toward it?

I do however see a major shift in the conversation toward the value of culture building so obviously I am gaining more recent optimism. The work of the company I Co-founded, Culture of Good, has seen results like reducing employee turnover by 20%, increase of same store sales, and new customer acquisition, all saving companies in the millions of dollars.

Here are 6 proven steps to boost your culture work by choice:

  • Stimulation: Use opportunities to share the story of your business and why your shareholders matter to you.
  • Intentionality: Deliberately talk about culture in all leadership meetings and reiterate your commitment to build an engaging culture that employees will want to work for and consumers will want to do business with.
  • Efficiency: Listen to blogs, watch videos, read books (http://a.co/d/2Yqgq8B) that instruct on effective measures you can make to build a good culture.
  • Leadership: Surround yourself with leaders that acknowledge the significance of culture building as a driver of your business results.
  • Foster: Find and work on the low hanging fruit that allow for quick, recognized results that reinforce your commitment to culture for your shareholders.
  • Maximize: Amplify your passion toward culture by hosting workshops for your teams that allow for a “culture expert” adept in the topic to lead the discussion. This will boost your own efforts and allow for corroboration to the value of your own leadership.

Ultimately, building a good culture positively impacts everything and everyone in your business so don’t chance it.


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