One Cause Doesn’t Fit All: Three Steps to Discovering What Inspires Your Company

Companies spend billions trying to bolster employee engagement. What business doesn’t want employees who are committed, interested, active and productive? To make sure employees are engaged during their everyday jobs, a business owner or leader must seek out a cause and develop a Culture of Good.

Step one for determining a cause is finding out what your employees are truly passionate about. Start out by surveying employees, giving them the opportunity to have a say in the company. Based on their feedback, research what may be close to your employees’ hearts. Employees may be more excited about a local cause where they can see their impact, or they might like to contribute to a huge national campaign that their hearts align with.

Step two, you should consider the following questions:

  • What issues are important to you and your employees?
  • Is there a cause that employees have a personal connection with or speaks to their hearts in a special way?

Step three, find out how to best support the cause. What organizations are tackling this cause you’ve deemed important? What help do these individuals need? Is it time, talents or funding? A company can then determine how to answer that need and truly engage their employees.

Our Culture of Good program stemmed from cultural success at TCC-Verizon, a Verizon retailer with 800 stores in 38 states nationwide. It began with an annual backpack giveaway and grew to huge events, such as 1,000 employees dressing up in superhero costumes in celebration of our million-dollar donation for a children’s hospital, selling phone screen cloths designed by patients from a children’s hospital in our TCC stores with all proceeds going back to the hospital, and more.

We’ve never participated in a one-and-done campaign, as that might not stick with the hearts of our employees. Instead, TCC-Verizon focuses on annual campaigns to engage their employees, customers and the community.

When a business chooses a cause that’s practiced consistently, it gives their employees a real sense of purpose. This energizes employees, who realize they are making the world better for their customers. Engaging with a cause that’s meaningful to employees will truly win their hearts and minds. After all, work takes up the majority of our employees’ lives, so let’s make sure they don’t view it as merely “work” anymore.

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