Teach Your Employees To Job Craft Their Passion (And they will love you for it!)

Transform your employee’s job into their calling. As an Executive in leadership, job crafting is a technique you can use to boost your employee’s satisfaction and engagement.

The secret is to break each of your employee’s job down into blocks that they can rearrange to suit their passions and strengths. Employees don’t want to feel stuck from 9 to 5. Study these tips for training your management to coach individuals how to redesign their work day and create a more fulfilling career.

Job Crafting Steps to Coach to Your Employees

  • Monitor your energy levels. Figure out which activities stimulate you, and which leave you feeling drained. You’ll start to see where you want to devote your time and efforts.

  • Restructure your tasks. Now you can start to look at reengineering your position. Think about the responsibilities you want to build on and the ones you’d like to shift away from. Consider how you could change your methods to make budgeting or sales calls more pleasant.

  • Revamp your relationships. Personal interactions play a major role in your work life. Would your productivity increase if you worked more closely with the social media team or human resources department? Do you find it gratifying to mentor interns or trade ideas with your counterparts at other organizations?

  • Change your attitude. The most important adjustment you can make may be within your own mind. A positive outlook can help you remain content while dealing with tight deadlines or long commutes.

  • Keep learning. It’s easier to be flexible when you continue updating your knowledge and skills. Sign up for a course on business math or read the latest bestseller about your industry.

  • Focus on service. You’ll probably discover your deepest sense of purpose by thinking about how your choices affect those around you. Maybe you want to exceed a customer’s expectations or advance your profession.

  • Seek balance. Remember that there’s more to you than your professional identity. Stay true to your personal goals if you value family time and other personal commitments more than making an additional investment in your job.


Job Crafting Steps to Encourage Your Employees To Take Action

  • Encourage them to enlist their supervisor. They obviously need to have their leader on board. They need to emphasize to their manager how job crafting can help them do your job more effectively. Use specific examples that relate to their priorities.

  • Encourage teamwork. Studies show that job crafting is more successful when the entire organization participates. Encourage them to volunteer to organize group discussions and evaluations.

  • Encourage them to make allies. Coach them to team up with coworkers who share their enthusiasm for adding a personal touch to the usual job descriptions. They can give each other valuable suggestions and feedback.

  • Encourage them to swap tasks. One advantage of collaborating is that they may find an office mate who actually likes the tasks they want to avoid. They both come out ahead when they can hand off screening resumes or making cold calls without creating gaps in coverage.

  • Encourage them to spark innovation. These days, businesses that thrive are the ones that can keep up with changing demands. Show them how job crafting could increase their job security by making the company more adaptable as they and their peers think creatively about how to use resources.

  • Encourage them to earn trust. Their boss and coworkers are more likely to support their interest in job crafting if they assure them that it’s in their interest too. Teach them how to cover their basic responsibilities while they expand their scope.

Your employees should think of your job description as a starting point rather than a rigid set of boundaries they have to operate within. Job crafting can help them identify new opportunities and make small changes that add up to a big difference in their work life and your bottom line.

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