The Most Valuable Appointment You Will Make This Week…If You Know What’s Good for You

I don’t usually give away the answer away first but here it goes: The most valuable appointment you will make this week is with…you.

You can tell what a person values most by taking inventory of how they spend their time and money. Specifically, our resource of time comes with a premium due to what we can all agree on…we are all stupid busy. By stupid busy I mean our schedule can many days be described as having back-to-back meetings leaving us no room to breathe. Most, if not all of us now have the best tools and systems for saving time which ironically only allow us to fit more in our workday than we previously could.

The truth is, we are busier and that doesn’t always mean we are more efficient. There’s a massive gap between activity and productivity.

We are used to measuring other’s increased worth by their accomplishing more and more. Because we do, we end up measure our own worth with the same methodology. The more I do, the more I am worth. So, we value ourselves by devaluing ourselves. Here’s what I mean: How we self-measure our worth forces us to spend our time on everything but us. Remember, you can tell what you value on what you spend your time on.

I’ll admit this shit isn’t easy, but here’s how to start valuing yourself in authentic ways rather than by what you get done through the day:

(Considering that you’re a human being and not a human doing!)

  • Schedule appointments with yourself starting next week.

I dare you to schedule a thirty-minute appointment with yourself each day during work and the same after work. If your position and work environment won’t allow thirty minutes, get a new job. Just kidding, but not really. You could also break it up into two fifteen-minute appointments. If you do have more freedom make it 45 minutes!

  • If you wouldn’t allow interruptions in other meetings, then don’t allow them when you meet with you!

Take this time seriously so you can take yourself seriously. Don’t just make a commitment, make an appointment. Go on your calendar after you read this blog and schedule these self-appointments. If you don’t prioritize your time, then don’t expect anyone else to. Don’t expect anyone else to value your time more than you do. So, try not to reschedule your self-appointment when other “priorities” pop up.

  • Set an intention with each self-appointment.

Don’t just set these meetings with yourself without knowing why. Not so you can do more stuff, but so you can ensure your time spent with yourself serves what you need. How do you expect to meet the needs of your clients, customers, and employees when you are depleted and constantly overextended throughout the entire day?

I don’t care if you set up a meeting with yourself to take a nap, do a yoga stretch, watch a comedic video, dance to your favorite jams, journal, breathe, or go on a quick jog. What it takes for you to meet your needs is entirely a uniquely you experience. But then again, you are a unique human so take care of yourself. There’s only one of you.

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