The One Elevator Speech We All Forgot to Write

I travel quite a bit as of late. From book signings to keynote speeches I am blessed to meet new people from all walks of life and work. Inevitably the conversation results in a couple inquiring questions I ask:

“What do you do?”
“Why do you do it?”

We have been taught for years to craft an elevator speech around what we do. Include our product and service, our value proposition, and what results come through our work. We’ve gotten really good at describing what we do. I know this because when I ask people from diverse industries, there’s always a quick, concise answer.

When I ask the follow up question though the answer doesn’t come so easy:

“Why do you do it?”

I usually get an awkward reply with a bit of humor.

“How much time do you have?”
“I’m not totally sure.”
“I guess I haven’t thought about that as much.”
“I like doing it.”

Rarely do I get a quick, concise answer. Typically, when I do it comes from those in a field of work that can be defined as being a calling such as an EMT, teacher, minister, or Police Officer. Why can’t we all have a sense of calling in our work? What if each of us used our everyday work to further our passion to make the world better in some way?

Your why comes from three parts of your life so here’s my challenge: Think about your past pain, your present passions, and your future hopes that can influence why you do what you do. Craft a short, tweetable elevator speech that answers the question “Why do you do it?” This way when we meet our conversation won’t get awkward!

(Feel free to comment with your Why Elevator Speech below!)

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