The Ultimate List Of 40 Questions Keynote Speakers And Their Hosts Need Answered Before A Presentation

I’m sure you clicked on this article to get right to the 40 questions, so I won’t add a long backstory. In short, I’ve been a public speaker for 28 years and from experience know the value of both the presenter and the event organizer being on the same page. The following questions are the Presentation Questionnaire I send out through Survey Monkey after being booked to keynote an event. The key is to download the results on a pdf and email it to yourself so you can easily reference it the week of your presentation.

Reach out to me if you are planning an event and want to inspire your audience with passion in their lives and work or if you are looking for a public speaking coach.

Ryan McCarty’s 40 Question Presentation Questionnaire:                  

Q1. Name of Contact                   

Q2. Phone Number of Contact                    

Q3. Email of Contact                    

Q4. Name and Address of Venue                    

Q5. Date of Event                    

Q6. What is the theme of the event?                  

Q7. How would you describe the role of this presentation?              

Answer Choices: Opening Plenary Keynote; Closing Plenary Keynote; General Plenary Session; Breakout Session                    

Q8. What is the size of the audience?                  

Q9. How would you describe the audience?                  

Answer Choices: Employees/Faculty; Clients/Customers; Registered Attendees                    

Q10. What level of leadership will the audience be in their respective organizations?        

Q11. Do I have permission to bring one staff member with me to assist?      

Q12. Do I have permission to invite up to 3 family or friends to attend my presentation only?      

Q13. What time does my presentation start?                  

Q14. How much time do I have on stage to present?                

Answer Choices: 30 minutes; 45 minutes; 1 hour                    

Q15. What time am I expected to arrive?                  

Q16. To what time am I expected to stay after my presentation?              

Q17. Can I use a PowerPoint presentation deck?                                 

Q18. To what email should the presentation deck be sent?              

Q19. Will I have access to a clicker to change slides?                

Q20. Is there a monitor screen that I can view from the stage while speaking?          

Q21. Will there be a clock timer to show me a countdown during my speech?          

Q22. What would be appropriate attire for me to wear?                

Answer Choices: Casual; Dress Casual; Formal; It’s entirely up to you                    

Q23. What type of mic will I have access to use? (Prefer to use Lavalier mic)          

Answer Choices: Hand-Held; Lavalier; Head Mic; No Mic                    

Q24. How will the seating be arranged?                  

Answer Choices: Round tables; Theatre style; Rows of chairs; Other                    

Q25. Will there be a stage?                    

Q26. Will photos be taken of my presentation? If yes, will I have access to those pics?        

Q27. Can I sell books and do a book signing after my presentation?            

Q28. Will video be taken of my presentation? If yes, will I have access to the footage?        

Q29. Do I have permission to have a personal photographer and videographer shoot footage of my presentation?

Q30. Will intro/outro music used as I enter and leave the stage?              

Answer Choices: Yes, we will select the songs; Yes, please send us your preferences; No                    

Q31. Can I post on social media about the event?                

Q32. What is the site URL for the event?                  

Q33. What is the social hashtag for the event?                

Q34. Do you need a recent bio and headshot?                

Answer Choices                    

Yes, we need both                    

No, we already have them                    

We only need a bio                    

We only need a headshot                    

Q35. In one sentence, describe the main idea you want me to get across to the audience.        

Q36. How would you define my time with everyone a success?               

Q37. Will I be given access to the attendee email list after the event?            

Q38. Please share 1-3 pain points attendees are facing that influence their day-to-day work experience.     

Q39. Please comment on additional information relevant for Ryan to know.          

Q40. Please upload any files related to this conference. 

Feel free to use to take your speaking career or event to the next level!

Reach out to me if you are planning an event and want to inspire your audience with passion in their lives and work or if you are looking for a public speaking coach

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