Why Culture of Good?

What makes the Culture of Good unique is it’s ability to build a methodology for companies that have a desire to make a positive impact while making sound business decisions. It exists as far more than a typical CSR program that siloes the good a company does from it’s core business…it’s DNA if you will.

While many companies do good and have a heart to do more, their efforts fall short many times only resulting in a check written and given to a worthy charity. While there is nothing wrong with writing checks, there is something more right with including each employee and customer in being a part of a giving culture.

The giving a company does can be a catalyst for building their own Culture of Good that inspires employees, ignites positive change in the world, and impacts their bottom line. There is little doubt that culture impacts the success of a company so why not use giving to a cause as the catalyst to define or refine your culture?

Your brand is your culture. – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

How would your customers describe your brand? If given the opportunity, how would your employees describe your company culture? Before you answer those two questions for them realize that you can’t. Only they can.

At Culture of Good we have developed an organizational diagnostic that works to identify gaps and/or links in your company culture. Every company has “blind spots” when looking at their culture from an executive’s desk point of view. Most leaders of organizations describe their culture in ways that the front line employee or customer doesn’t recognize or agree with.

Culture is what most of the people are doing most of the time.

Through a suite of customizable tools Culture of Good is engaging with companies that recognize that culture is everything to the future success of their company. Rather than trying to build culture that typically fails due to lack of sustainability and overall adoption, why not give giving a try? You may be surprised that when you introduce the Culture of Good to your employees and customers that it’s authenticity to your company’s values and purpose will inspire them in ways previously unreachable.

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  1. Having the Culture of Good visit our school last month improved morale at just the perfect time. With a budget freeze on supplies, these folks came out and recognized our teachers and gave them tools they could use every day in the classroom. There were other partners and other people involved but what was left on the minds of our entire staff was that there were people out in our community that cared about what was happening and did something about it. Thanks to all of you and your “ripple effect” we have the inspiration to move forward and continue our work with smiles on our faces because we feel appreciated.

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